Collection Folder Files for Decrapified Store Sets

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*Collection Folders*

I've finally done all of them myself!
Got the idea from Gypsie, but he/she didn't do them all, so I made mine from scratch.
Sets, Venues, Worlds and even a pack of Limited Item Sets are here. In total 223 folders... phew.

What are these?
Collection Folders for The Sims 3 Store Decrapyfied Item Sets. Will not work for the original store files.

I recommend using them alongside "Collection Icons and Files" mod by heaven.

What these aren't?
They aren't actual items, just folders they go into. You need to have the items in your game already for the folders to fill with them.

Where do they go?
Into C:\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Collections\User . Not your mods folder!
Also take them out of the folders they are in. Only copy bare .packages files to User.

What are these letters and numbers in folder names?
Folder names looks like this:

"(Store)(x) Set Name (y+z)+c"

Where "(Store)" is pretty obvious, meaning Store Set.

"(x)" in place of "x" is "V" for Venue (Lot) and "W" for World (Neighborhood).

"(y+z)" where "y" is a number of Buy/Build items in a folder, "z" is a number of Buy/Build items that couldn't be placed in a folder, at least to my knowledge (like few mailboxes and bridges).

Finally "c" is a number of CAS items, or in a few Worlds cases Venues in that set, which cannot be placed inside a folder.

As a point of reference I used mainly official The Sims 3 Store item listings. Order of items in folders is the same as listed on Store pages.

For that reason not only item order is a bit odd, but also most probably there are some items missing. I tried my best to not miss anything, but I just don't know what these sets contain.

If you notice any item missing from Collection Folder feel free to let me know, I'll add it in.


1. (Store) Adrenaline Rush (1)+1.package
2. (Store) Adventurous Life! Safari&Africa (13)+19.package
3. (Store) Animals Abound (25).package
4. (Store) Animals Abound Playground Bed&Bath (23)+2.package
5. (Store) Animals Abound Playground Outdoor Fun (8).package
6. (Store) Asian Fusion (27).package
7. (Store) Atomic Age Living and Dining (21).package
8. (Store) Back 2 Skool (7).package
9. (Store) BahHaus (21).package
10. (Store) Bayside Bathroom (12).package
11. (Store) Bayside Kitchen (24).package
12. (Store) Bayside Laundry (6).package
13. (Store) Bohemian Garden (13)+11.package
14. (Store) Brunch at the Old Mill (29).package
15. (Store) Buccaneer's Bounty (11)+5.package
16. (Store) Carnivale Celebration! (2).package
17. (Store) Celtic Lands (10).package
18. (Store) Championship Dreams (9).package
19. (Store) Club Vaindenburger Den (9).package
20. (Store) Club Vaindenburger Relaxation (18).package
21. (Store) Club Vaindenburger Study (9).package
22. (Store) Collectionne Stancke (31).package
23. (Store) Contemporary Comfort Bedroom (12).package
24. (Store) Contemporary Comfort Living (14).package
25. (Store) Country Livin' (11)+14.package
26. (Store) Critter Comforts (18).package
27. (Store) Dreams of India (14)+13.package
28. (Store) Drifter’s Desire (27).package
29. (Store) Earth Day (3).package
30. (Store) Edwardian Expression Kitchen (15).package
31. (Store) Enchanted Bundle of Dark Dealings (5)+4.package
32. (Store) Everyday Teens Collection (1)+19.package
33. (Store) Faire Folk Den (14).package
34. (Store) Faire Folk Outdoors (10).package
35. (Store) Faire Folk Slumber (6).package
36. (Store) Fall Fruition (4).package
37. (Store) Farm Fresh Folk (15)+5.package
38. (Store) Forest Bedroom (13).package
39. (Store) Front Row Center Bedroom (9).package
40. (Store) Frontier Finds (12).package
41. (Store) Frontier Finds Kitchen and Dining (12).package
42. (Store) Full Bayside (35).package
43. (Store) Full Hewnsman (47).package
44. (Store) Full Interior Castle (13).package
45. (Store) Full Regal Living (41).package
46. (Store) Full Storybook (45).package
47. (Store) Full Tiki (15).package
48. (Store) Futureshock Bedroom (10).package
49. (Store) Futureshock Kitchen (15).package
50. (Store) Futureshock Living (21).package
51. (Store) Futureshock Loft Collection (12).package
52. (Store) Gifts for the Holidays (2).package
53. (Store) Glitter & Glam Bedroom + Diva&Divo (12)+8.package
54. (Store) Gothic Glamour Home Office (13).package
55. (Store) Gothic Glamour Living Room (14).package
56. (Store) Gothique Living Room (14).package
57. (Store) Gothique Sleeping Room (10).package
58. (Store) Hacienda Luxury (16).package
59. (Store) Halloween Treats (6).package
60. (Store) Happily Ever After (26).package
61. (Store) Happy Halloween Gory Goodies (6).package
62. (Store) Happy Holiday Presents (6).package
63. (Store) Happy Holidays to your Furry Friends! (3).package
64. (Store) Happy New Year '11 (2).package
65. (Store) Happy New Year 2012 !!! (2).package
66. (Store) Happy St. Patrick's Day! (2).package
67. (Store) Happy Valentines! (8)+2.package
68. (Store) Harvest Bounty (6).package
69. (Store) Haute Hacienda Dining Room (13).package
70. (Store) Haute Hacienda Kitchen (17).package
71. (Store) Haute Hip (19).package
72. (Store) Hewnsman Bedroom (17).package
73. (Store) Hewnsman Dining Room (6).package
74. (Store) Hewnsman Living Room (21).package
75. (Store) Hewnsman Outdoor (10).package
76. (Store) Hollywood Regency Den (8).package
77. (Store) I Heart The 50’s (11)+12.package
78. (Store) I Heart the 50’s Laundry (5).package
79. (Store) Imperial Bedroom Zen (10).package
80. (Store) India Inspirations Bedroom (9).package
81. (Store) India Inspirations Living Room (10).package
82. (Store) Indulgent Living (17).package
83. (Store) Island Villa (12).package
84. (Store) It’s Game Time! (15).package
85. (Store) Itadakimasu! Japanese Inspired Dining (21).package
86. (Store) Japanese Inspired Living Compilation (13).package
87. (Store) Jazz Age Living Room (18).package
88. (Store) Kalliopi's Gifts (2).package
89. (Store) Killer Classics (12).package
90. (Store) Kingdom of Cambodia Bathroom (13).package
91. (Store) Kingdom of Cambodia Bedroom (13).package
92. (Store) Le Cirque Celebration! (24)+26.package
93. (Store) Level Up Collection (10).package
94. (Store) Live, Laugh, Love (19)+15.package
95. (Store) Loud, Fast, Clash! - Bedroom (16).package
96. (Store) Lullabies and Nursery Rhymes (17)+11.package
97. (Store) Luxe Lounge Spa (8).package
98. (Store) Luxury Spa Set (9).package
99. (Store) Man Cave Compilation (35).package
100. (Store) Mediterranean Villa KitchenDining (11).package
101. (Store) Mid-Century Modern Bathroom (10).package
102. (Store) Mid-Century Modern Bedroom (9).package
103. (Store) Mid-Century Modern Dining (11)+19.package
104. (Store) Mid-Century Modern Kitchen (17).package
105. (Store) Mid-Century Modern Living (25) .package
106. (Store) More Halloween Treats (3)+2.package
107. (Store) More Holiday Presents (4)+2.package
108. (Store) More Magic! (4)+8.package
109. (Store) Morocco Mystique (9).package
110. (Store) Mother Russia (11)+20.package
111. (Store) Muse Luxury (9).package
112. (Store) Nautical Living (19).package
113. (Store) No Tricks, Just Treats (2).package
114. (Store) Old Town Starter Kit (9).package
115. (Store) One With Nature (18)+6.package
116. (Store) Palace of Versailles (14)+18.package
117. (Store) Panda & Friends (12).package
118. (Store) Provence (16).package
119. (Store) Pushin’ Pedals (9).package
120. (Store) Regal Living Bathroom (9).package
121. (Store) Regal Living Bedroom (11).package
122. (Store) Regal Living Dining Room (9).package
123. (Store) Regal Living Kitchen (7).package
124. (Store) Regal Living Living Room (11).package
125. (Store) Romanza Cer.&Rec.&Attire (23)+16.package
126. (Store) Savvy Seller's Collection (10).package
127. (Store) Seeing Stars (1)+33.package
128. (Store) Steampunk (5).package
129. (Store) Steampunk Kitchen (14).package
130. (Store) Steampunk The Return (6).package
131. (Store) Storybook Bathroom (9).package
132. (Store) Storybook Bedroom (11).package
133. (Store) Storybook Dining Room (12).package
134. (Store) Storybook Living Room (20).package
135. (Store) Sun, Surf & Sand (Sleep) (13).package
136. (Store) Surf's Up Sun and Fun Collection (1)+18.package
137. (Store) Sweet Escape Nursery (10).package
138. (Store) The Coffee Bean Hipster Loft (17)+14.package
139. (Store) The Complete Castle (19).package
140. (Store) The Sims Celebrations (5)+1.package
141. (Store) Through the Spy Glass (16).package
142. (Store) Through the Spy Glass Bathroom (20).package
143. (Store) Tiki Dining Room (6).package
144. (Store) Tiki Living Room (9).package
145. (Store) Tiki Outdoor Party (21).package
146. (Store) Tip Top Toddler Collection (57)+18.package
147. (Store) Tis The Season For Gift Giving! (6).package
148. (Store) Top o' the Tots Hairstyles&Headwear (1)+4.package
149. (Store) Transport to the Future (2).package
150. (Store) Tutor of Tudors (14)+11.package
151. (Store) Ultra Lounge Bath (10).package
152. (Store) Ultra Lounge Bedroom (11).package
153. (Store) Ultra Lounge Boys' Bedroom (16).package
154. (Store) Ultra Lounge Dining (7).package
155. (Store) Ultra Lounge Girls' Bedroom (16).package
156. (Store) Ultra Lounge Kitchen (12).package
157. (Store) Ultra Lounge Laundry (5).package
158. (Store) Ultra Lounge Living (17).package
159. (Store) Ultra Lounge Outdoor (14).package
160. (Store) Ultra Lounge Set Full (50).package
161. (Store) Ultra Lounge Study (5).package
162. (Store) Ultra Lounge Teens (20).package
163. (Store) Ultra Lounge Youth Set Full (40).package
164. (Store) Up the Ante Compilation (11)+1.package
165. (Store) Vineyard Villa Furnishings (12).package
166. (Store) Viva Las Vegas Bedroom (12).package
167. (Store) Viva Las Vegas Living (22).package
168. (Store) Waning Moon (31)+16.package
169. (Store) Weba Yayfoo! (3).package
170. (Store) Wilderness Dreaming (13).package
171. (Store) Worldly Goodies (5).package
172. (Store) Year of the Dragon (2).package
173. (Store) Year of the Horse (2).package
174. (Store) Year of the Rabbit (5).package
175. (Store) Year of the Tiger (5).package
176. (Store) Zen Again (20).package


1. (Store)(V) Al Fresco Street Market (17).package
2. (Store)(V) Business as Usual Bistro (9)+6.package
3. (Store)(V) Deliciously Indulgent Bakery (20).package
4. (Store)(V) Gothique Library (13).package
5. (Store)(V) Grandpa's Grove (17)+11.package
6. (Store)(V) Grim's Ghastly Manor (11)+5.package
7. (Store)(V) Ice Lounge (12).package
8. (Store)(V) Last Venue of Amore (34).package
9. (Store)(V) Le Cinema Plumbob (14)+5.package
10. (Store)(V) Olympian Physique (11).package
11. (Store)(V) Prism Art Studio (10)+2.package
12. (Store)(V) Regency Arcade (18).package
13. (Store)(V) Serenity Retreat (12).package
14. (Store)(V) Skylight Studio for the P. Arts (18)+9.package
15. (Store)(V) Stones Throw Greenhouse (21)+10.package
16. (Store)(V) The Boardwalk (56).package
17. (Store)(V) The Duke of Bows R. Faire (14).package
18. (Store)(V) The Golden Ticket Toy Shop (19).package
19. (Store)(V) The Lucky Simoleon Casino (10).package
20. (Store)(V) The Now&Then Century Manor (40).package
21. (Store)(V) Tiny Prodigies Early Learning C. (20).package
22. (Store)(V) World of Wonder Carousel (31).package


1. (Store)(W) Aurora Skies (36)+15.package
2. (Store)(W) Barnacle Bay (12).package
3. (Store)(W) Dragon Valley (61+1)+14.package
4. (Store)(W) Hidden Springs (12+1)+6.package
5. (Store)(W) Lucky Palms (25)+3.package
6. (Store)(W) Lunar Lakes (31+1)+4.package
7. (Store)(W) Midnight Hollow (83)+31.package
8. (Store)(W) Monte Vista (48+1)+5.package
9. (Store)(W) Roaring Heights (62)+28.package
10. (Store)(W) Sunlit Tides (32)+6.package

Registration & Limited:

1. (Store) Atomic Age Pets Registration Gifts (2).package
2. (Store) Dark Industrial Set (6).package
3. (Store) Explorer's Loot (15).package
4. (Store) Freestyle DJ Booth (1).package
5. (Store) Generations Registration Gifts (1)+2.package
6. (Store) IAMS Dog Set (7).package
7. (Store) Island Paradise LE Content (12)+5.package
8. (Store) Mascot Attack Pack (2).package
9. (Store) Plants vs. Zombies (7)+5.package
10. (Store) Quantum Power Pack (1)+1.package
11. (Store) Seasons Wall Decal Pack (4).package
12. (Store) The Director’s Set (7).package
13. (Store) The Red Carpet Collection (4).package
14. (Store) The Ultimate Career Bundle (4)+9.package


1. (Store) Premium Items Only (130).package

Additional Credits:
Big thanks to Gypsy for the idea and to heaven for amazing folder icons.