Mini Drive-In Set

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Uploaded: 5th Mar 2019 at 3:39 PM
Updated: 5th Mar 2019 at 2:21 AM
Hi Everyone, I know it's been bit, kind of took a break to get back into Dragon Age for awhile.

Today, I bring you a Drive-In Set. The set comes with eight different cars in four different color swatches. The cars are basically 2 person love seats. The original Meshes are from the Sims 3 Game. The cars are found in Buy-Comfort-Love Seats and are $10,000 a piece. There is some minor clipping and the kid sims seam to sink into the seats farther then the adults, but it's not too bothersome. The Truck is the most versatile when it comes to story progression and vacation. You can add a full size mattress with a zero footprint and it works well if your on vacation. The mattress I used in the picture is from my "Tori Heart Collection", but you can use any full size Mattress that has a zero foot print. You can also add a bunch of deco to the back. I also want to mention if you want one car for a family of four, I suggest using "One more seat please by Moho Creations" Mod. I'll add the link below. Just follow the directions Moho has for using the item correctly. I also added Deco slots to each car. It varies depending on the car.

Deco Slots Per Car
Car - 4X4 Sofa - 3-Lg/3-Med
Car - CopeSofa - 3-Med/4-Sm
Car - Exo Sofa - 1-Sm
Car - LUX Sofa - 3-Med/3-Sm
Car - Muscle Sofa - 1-Med/1-Sm
Car - Sport Sofa - 4-Sm
Car - SUV Sofa - 5-Med/6-Sm
Car - Truck Sofa - 11-Lg/11-Med/1-Sm

I added a Concrete Parking blocks for your cars. It comes in four different color swatches. It's found in But-Deco-Statue and it cost $50.

I also added two versions of the Drive-In Speaker. One's a Light that's found in Buy-Lights-Outdoor and is $500 and the the other is a stereo and is found in Buy-Electronics-Stereo and is $500. They each come in one color swatch and they look identical to each other.

Textures and Art Credits
Seamless metal background - Image ID : 1580495 by SU Exclusive -
Car Flame Clip art - decal - KissPNG -
Butterfly Car Flame Sticker Clip art - butterfly by KissPNG -
Racing flags Check Clip art - Racing skull - by KissPng -
Flower Pink Common daisy Clip art - hippies - by KissPNG -
Heart Clip art - heart - by KissPNG -
Heart Clip art - Hearts PNG Picture - by KissPNG -
Fire Flame Clip art - Realistic Flame Cliparts - by KissPng -
Free concrete texture Stock Photo by Bjarne Henning Kvaale -

One more seat please by Moho Creations -
The Tori Heart Bedroom Collection -

Polygon Counts:
Car - 4X4 Sofa - 5276/3696
Car - CopeSofa - 5092/3568
Car - Exo Sofa - 4760/3335
Car - LUX Sofa - 4779/3347
Car - Muscle Sofa - 5340/3741
Car - Sport Sofa - 4074/2855
Car - SUV Sofa - 5040/3531
Car - Truck Sofa - 4348/3047
Drive-In Concrete Parking Block - 14
Drive-in Speakers - Stereo - 2470/2184/1898
Drive-In Speaker - Light - 2858/2042

Additional Credits:
Sims4Studios,, TSR Workshop, and Blender