Tawni Bathroom Set

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Uploaded: 13th Nov 2018 at 6:40 PM
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Hi Everyone, Sorry I haven't been around. I love creating but uploading files not so much. I wish I had a partner in crime who can test, post, and track down pictures and textures. Well anyways, I give you a new bathroom set inspired by my youngest daughter, Tawni. She's a wonderful artist, animal lover, and computer geek in college but unfortunately suffers from Major Depression with anxiety. She struggles daily with this disease and fears she will be looked upon badly if people found out she's mentally ill. So this set also promotes mental health awareness and suicide prevention. If you suffer from mental illness, it can get better; get help, and find your light. https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org/ Alright, enough preaching. Happy thoughts

This set includes Two deco Soap Dish, a deco shampoo/conditioner bottles, a Deco Bathroom Tray, Deco Lotion Bottle, Bath Bomb Incense (Spa Day Required), a watercolor style picture, a rectangle rug, toilet paper holder, a Towel rack (Shelf Style) with deco box, Custom glass shower, sink, and bathub, The toilet is a recolor and re-texture from a base game Modern Relief Toilet, The towel is also a recolor and re-texture from the Hotel Folded Towel from the base game. and I included an accent wall. You can find them easiest way by typing in the word "Tawni". I'll brake down where to find each item and the prices. Also increased the stats on the Toilet to make it a more expensive like and comfortable toilet.

Tawni Bathroom Set - Bath Bomb Incense - $5 - Buy-Dec-Misc
Tawni Bathroom Set - Bathroom Tray - $15 - Buy-Dec-Misc
Tawni Bathroom Set - Deco Soap - $25 - Buy-Dec-Misc
Tawni Bathroom Set - Lotion - $5 - Buy-Dec-Misc
Tawni Bathroom Set - Mirror - $150 - Buy-Deco-Mirrors
Tawni Bathroom Set - Pictures - $200 - Buy-Dec-Wall hangings
Tawni Bathroom Set - Rug - $45 - Buy-Dec-Rugs
Tawni Bathroom Set - Shampoo/Conditioner - $25 - Buy-Dec-Misc
Tawni Bath Set - Shower - $500 - Buy-Plum-Shower
Tawni Bath Set - Sink - $230 - Buy-Plumbing-sink
Tawni Bathroom Set - Soap Dish - $15 - Buy-Dec-Misc
Tawni Bathroom Set - Toilet - $100 - Buy-Plumbing-Toilet
Tawni Bathroom Set - Toilet Paper Roll Holder - $10 - Buy-Deco-Bathroom Accent
Tawni Bathroon Set - Towel Rack - $500 - Buy-Deco-wall
Tawni Bathroom Set - Bath Towels - $15 - Buy-Deco-Bathroom Accent
Tawni Bathroom Set - Tub - $4000 - Buy-Plumbing-Bathtub
Tawni Bathroom Walls - $8 in Walls-Masonry Category in Build Mode

This set comes in four colors combos and is emotionally themed. The Soaps, Lotion, and Shampoo/Conditioner bottles have Emotional buffs.

Grey and green with Coconut Theme - Happy Buff
Brown and tan with Citrus Themed - Energized Buff
Blue and Grey with Berry Themed - Confident Buff
Pink and Rose with Strawberry Themed - Flirty Buff

Art/Texture provided by KissPNG.com

Digital art Painting Digital illustration Illustration - Vector watercolour woman - https://www.kisspng.com/png-vector-...51/preview.html
Drawing Digital art Portrait Illustration - Vector butterfly woman - https://www.kisspng.com/png-vector-...59/preview.html
Watercolor painting art drawing illustration watercolor girl 5aa79b8d464e05.7627885015209337 by KissPNG - https://www.pastepic.xyz/image/pTz7E
Pintura a la acuarela Arte de la Ilustraci�n - Coqueta acuarela - https://es.kisspng.com/kisspng-4re0rk/preview.html
BlackBerry Fruit - blackberry - https://www.kisspng.com/png-blackberry-fruit-1617297/
Strawberry Juice Frutti di bosco Honey Orange - Strawberry - https://www.kisspng.com/png-strawbe...ge-stra-395687/
Tangerine Lemon Clementine Orange Frutti di bosco - orange - https://www.kisspng.com/png-tangeri...88/preview.html
Coconut water Coconut milk Coconut oil - coconut oil - https://www.kisspng.com/png-coconut...41/preview.html
Microphone Headphones - Drops of water bubbles - https://www.kisspng.com/png-microph...40/preview.html
Wood grain Texture - Wood wood grain - https://www.kisspng.com/png-wood-wood-grain-3365/ ( I completely recolored, Morphed, and Softened this wood texture in Paint.net}

The remaining Textures (Glass, Stone, and Metal sheen), I created in created in Paint.net


If anyone wants a re-color with other emotional buffs let me know which buffs you want. If I get enough requests, I can re-color a re-buff this set.

Polygon Counts:
Tawni Bathroom Set - Bath Bob Incense - 962/914
Tawni Bathroom Set - BathroomTray - 54/43/33
Tawni Bathroom Set - Deco Soap - 2486/1555/933
Tawni Bathroom Set - Lotion - 945/829/713
Tawni Bathroom Set - Mirror - 66/58/50 - 150
Tawni Bathroom Set - Pictures - 238/190/143
Tawni Bathroom Set - Rug - 2
Tawni Bathroom Set - Shampoo/Conditioner - 262/236/184
Tawni Bath Set - Shower - 112/107/102
Tawni Bath Set - Sink - 173/171/169
Tawni Bathroom Set - Soap Dish - 1454/1206/958
Tawni Bathroom Set - Toilet - 376/216/204
Tawni Bathroom Set - Toilet Paper Roll Holder - 580/436
Tawni Bathroon Set - Towel Rack - 50/43
Tawni Bathroom Set - Bath Towels - 154/110/46
Tawni Bathroom Set - Tub - 298/294/291

Additional Credits:
Paint.net, Blender, TinkerCAD, and Sims 4 Studios