Vampire Default Skin Replacement V.3 - FINAL

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Uploaded: 2nd Mar 2019 at 10:54 PM
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Vampire Default Skin Replacement V.3 - FINAL

Hello, Hello . . .

Seeing that it has been over a decade since I created this file OR worked on it, I felt that it was way overdue for an update.

(I know, I know...In V2 I said THAT was the FINAL, but after so LONG (and many 'ideas') I changed my mind... )

I am happy to announce that this file now completely shows the True Skin Tone of the Sim given at their Creation and/or Birth; i.e., NO Changes to their Skin Tone.

Also, while using this Vampire Default, the eyes of your Vamp Sim will also remain their Original Color; i.e., NO Changes to their Eyes.

This file Really IS now FINAL; there will be No further updates or changes made to this file.

*** Original Skin Tones for ALL Models = GAME DEFAULT ***
*** Original Eye Colors for All Models = Gummilutt-Bruno's Behind these Eyes Maxified (Defaults) Dark Blue (see credits) ***


There are only a few ways to 'tell' if a Sim is a 'vamp' when using this file:

-Watch their Idle Behaviors/Gestures

-Listen for them to 'hiss' OR say 'blah' as they tend to do at times.

-SEE their FANGS.

Otherwise, there really is NO OTHER WAY to tell if the Sim is a Vamp. Visually Speaking YOU CANNOT TELL - SO BE CAREFUL!

In fact, when I changed my Models into Vamps for the Screen Shots (via the SimModder), the 'transformation' went so quickly (and without any visual indication) that I was surprised when they suddenly started 'smoldering' (as seen in the Screen Shots) because I originally had intended to quickly PAUSE the game after the 'change', snap the shots and usher them Indoors; even forgot to Change the Camera Mode for several shots! haha Hence, the reason why the 'organized' After Shot was taken Indoors.

TO INSTALL: Download and place into your Downloads Directory; make sure your game is NOT running during install.
TO UNINSTALL: Delete from your Usual Downloads Directory; make sure your game is NOT running during uninstall.

***The Nightlife expansion pack is required for use of this default replacement.***

* Please note, only ONE default replacement of 'anything' should be used at one time, otherwise problems/file conflicts in the game will arise.

*IF YOU ALREADY HAVE VAMPS IN YOUR GAME: After installing this default replacement, be sure to take your vamps to a mirror to 'Change Their Appearance' which will update their thumbnail portrait with this new default replacement/skin. You only have to go through this process once, and not actually change their hair, eyes, etc. to achieve an updated look; simply take your vamp to a mirror and then agree to changes (even if you've made none) to update your vamp's thumbnail.

** My OTHER Vamp Default Replacements...In Case You're Interested...

My ORIGINAL Vampire Default Replacement - Mostly Opaque/Little to No Transparency:

My Vampire Default Replacement V.2 - Opaque with Mid-High to Higher-Range Transparency:

As Always Have Fun & Enjoy!

*** PLEASE NOTE: If one day you find your Neighborhood OVERRUN with Vampires, I am NOT to blame!


Additional Credits:

Delphy and the MTS2 Staff; thanks everyone! SimPE - Quaxi and Staff; thanks everyone!

Eyes: Gummilutt-Bruno's Behind these Eyes Maxified (Defaults) Dark Blue:

Fanseelamb - for the ONLY underwear my Sims STILL DEMAND!

Sailfindragon - Wood Panel Flooring:

ParasiteX’s (Excellent) Tutorial: