Sensible Starters - Part Three

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Uploaded: 7th May 2019 at 1:19 PM

I’ve made these four houses in a similar style so they all look like they belong in the same world; my intention is that they could all be placed next to each other and look realistic and cohesive. I like my starters to not look like starters from the outside—that is, I want them to be pretty and landscaped. And I like to be able to keep my Sim in their starter house for a while—even after I add more people to the household—so while the furnishings are very sparse, there’s definitely enough space to be playable.

I've previously shared two other collections of starter houses. If you'd like to see those, check "Also Recommended" in the sidebar.

Custom Content

All lots use the following custom content; a couple CC items particular to certain lots are listed separately below:

The Culpepper
  • 20x20 lot
  • §15,556 | §13,795
  • 2 bd/1 ba

The Dunaway
  • 20x20 lot
  • §15,784 | §14,074
  • 2 bd/1 ba
  • Lavender by aminovas (This is a default replacement; if you don’t have it you will just see the regular lavender.)

The Parrish
  • 20x20 lot
  • §16,089 | §14,970
  • 2 bd/1 ba
  • Window by Lisen801 (This is only used once, on the dormer.)

The Inman
  • 20x20 lot
  • §16,293 | §15,193
  • 3 bd/1 ba

Lot Size: 20x20
Lot Price (furnished): 16,000
Lot Price (unfurnished): 14,000

Custom Content by Me:
- Starter Series 3