Testers Wanted: Pharmacy Major

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*Note*: When using custom majors, the game may sometimes randomly show custom majors when Sims apply for majors. If this happens, you may have to assign maxis-made majors to Sims using SimPE

As requested by SecksayHuh,

There is no pharmacy-related career as of yet and i dont have any intentions of making 1 at this point. All the class titles are listed below. It does not replace any major since it is an add-on. The icon is the same as the bio Major because my graphic changing abilities are pretty low. I'd LOVE if someone could help me make an icon. I'd give whoever full credit, of course. The timings etc of the classes are not changed from the bio major.

Pharmacy: the study of knowledge related to the making and prescribing of medicinal drugs to the masses.

Data Analysis
Drug Evaluation
Drug Design & Development
Molecular Microbiology
Chemical Pharmacology
Pharmaceutical Policy & Regulation
Advanced Pharmaceutics
Internship in Pharmacy

How to Use Custom Majors In Sims 2 University

1.Use SimPE Version 0.30 or newer,

2.Download the major, extract it to your My documents/ea games/the sims 2/downloads folder.

3.In your SimPE/Data folder there should be two files additionalcareers.xml and additionalmajors.xml. Open

the additionalmajors.xml file in notepad.

4.If you have NEVER used custom majors, erase everything in that file and copy this into it and save:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<item value="0xEC180D42">Pharmacy</item>

If you already HAVE custom majors, just add this line under all the other lines of existing custom majors:
<item value="0xEC180D42">Pharmacy</item>

5.Once you have saved it, open SimPE. Open your neighbourhood and click on 'Sim Description'. (Make sure it is set to 'Plugin View'. Select the sim you want to assign this major to and click on the 'University' tab.

There will be a drop down list for all majors. The custom ones will be right at the top. Select the major you

want for the Sim and click 'commit'.

Feedback, comments etc. will definitely be appreciated. :P

Download SimPE from here:http://sims.ambertation.de