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Ageless Birthdays

42,807 Downloads 363 Thanks  Thanks 101 Favourited 104,245 Views
Uploaded: 28th May 2019 at 5:37 PM
Updated: 27th Jun 2019 at 9:55 AM - bug fix
Yanno what I love? Birthday parties. Know what I hate? Aging up Sims. So I edited that part out.

EDIT (6/24/19)
Originally, this mod simply removed the aging up continuation from the "Blow Out Candles", "Make A Wish", and "Taste Frosting" interactions on the birthday cake. Since then, I've reworked it from the bottom up to include
  • No aging continuation for "Help Blowing Out Candles", "Blowing Out Candles", "Making A Wish", or "Tasting Frosting" (thanks Zetnus and K9DB for reminding me about toddlers!)
  • No misleading tooltips when hovering over those birthday cake interactions
  • Resetting the Sim's current age lifespan (so those with aging on can have routine birthdays automatically on the calendar)
  • "Age Up Sim" picker interaction reworked to select household Sims as well, to have a non-cheat way to actually age up Sims (per Menanceman44's request)
  • New "Have Another Sim Blow Out Candles" interaction that does not age up Sims to replace the overridden interaction

This mod uses the following file(s) and will conflict with any other mod using the same resource(s)!

This should not conflict with any mods that edit the birthday cake itself, as I used a script injection.

Known Problems
  • The tooltip text has not been changed, so it'll still say the interactions will age up the Sim. The cake is a liar.
I fixed that. Oh well.
  • Sims directed to blow out candles are not having their age reset, even though they do not immediately age up. I don't know why yet.
EDIT (6/27/19): I believe I've fixed this one as well!

There are no (other) known bugs, so if you come across any hiccups with this mod, please let me know

Additional Credits:
Special thanks to K9DB for sharing their code with me! I didn't end up using it exactly, but I was inspired by the different method they used!
This was made using Sims4Studio.