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Weekly Aging Mod

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Uploaded: 2nd Oct 2016 at 8:21 PM
Since sims live on a weekly basis in my mind, I figured they should age in a weekly manner as well. I based the ages around the amount of time spent as these stages in real life.

Baby: 7 days
Kid: 14 days
Teen: 14 days
Young Adult: 21 days
Adult: 28 Days
Elder: 21 days

(It was recommended to me to put the default ages in here as well so real quick from the wiki those are: 3/13/13/20/20/varies? I'm not sure what the elder age is since the wiki doesn't have it, but there's the rest at least)

The baby age is meant to account for toddler years as well, and I also wanted it to be longer than the actual pregnancy, even though in my game that's only 2 days. Does anyone else think it's weird that the baby age is by default only 2 days longer than the pregnancy?
Also, I know it's a bit odd to have the "Adult" stage as the longest life stage, but I actually added up 1 day being a year as life stages once and the adult stage actually turned out to be one of the longest(The ages turned out to be 5/8/5/16/20/30 but I didn't quite like the elder age being the largest and the kid/teen/ya stages were too short so I generally just evened it out to make it something I liked more). I tried to make this as real as possible without the amount of days being too overbearing. I hope you guys like it!

This mod is an override of the file S4_03B33DDF_00000000_5D0152209188C58B.xml and any other mods that override that file will cause a conflict.

Additional Credits:
XML Extractor