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[Updated 01/06/2024] Portable Bucket for ablution

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Uploaded: 20th Jun 2019 at 11:33 PM
Updated: 6th Jan 2024 at 8:31 AM
Object description:

[Updated 01/06/2024 ] With new sink interaction choice

EcoFootprint +1, Water consumer 1, Off the Grid Plumbing, Unbreakable

New edition !
Portable Bucket for ablution usable off-grid!

Camper or archaeologist if in your camp you haven't Sink in
You have the portable bucket of ablution for your basic hygiene functions or for washing plates.
The animations are the same as on regular sinks, except upgrade.
Now! It's easy to stay clean everywhere!
No time to take a shower or a bath.
No problem! The bucket of ablution to wash partially is for you.

In addition it is transportable in inventory and usable off-grid!
You can place it everywhere
Recolored by me in 7 colors

Portable Bucket for ablution usable off-grid!

Category: Buy Mode> Plumbing > Sink
Reworked Mesh by Serinion, it’s the bucket to switch off the campfire with one only colors.
Polygon Counts: 350

Game requirements:
Works with patch 1.103.315.1020 or higher to use these
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Polygon Counts:
LOD 0 = 364
LOD 1 = 346
LOD 2 = 328
Shadow LOD 0 = 342
Shadow LOD 1 = 324
Shadow LOD 2 = 307

Additional Credits:
Sims 4 Studio
Serinion Studio Patreon page