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Off Grid Bath and Shower Tubs

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Uploaded: 24th Feb 2020 at 2:31 AM
Updated: 2nd Oct 2020 at 1:16 AM
Hi guys,

Compatible with game version: (Batuu Patch)

- Removed the ones that are now officially "Off the Grid" in game.
- Updated the ones I had, but weren't made "Off the Grid".
- Left the Deco pipes too, in case you want them for some DIY looking realism.

Made some bathtubs and shower/bathtubs off the grid compatible. Interactions are available for both sims and mersims (expect soaking...because apparently...mersims don't have that option...argh...)

- Function both "off the grid" and "on the grid" (There will be duplicate grayed out interactions when "off grid", these are the ones that use the normal "on the grid" water and produce bills...so you still have that option when "on the grid")
- I added two optional off grid water heating systems (deco) to attach to your tubs for some extra realism. They are modified from the Strangerville showertub and come in two varieties: One with the tank under the taps and the other without (with only the heating coils and tank at the back). They come in a bunch of colours to match with the tubs. They contain no tuning.
- The tubs use override tuning, and I added "off the grid" text in the description where necessary, but I altered nothing else about them.


Interactions made available:
- Take bath
- Take bubble bath
- Give dog bath
- Give toddler bath
- Toddler can ask for bath
- Nap in bath
- Play in bath
- Take bath with soaks (because if you went to the trouble of getting a bathtub and rigging it off the grid...you'll all about relaxation!)

Bathtubs available:
- Wooden tubs: While I was working on them I noticed Anonymouse85 post a version of the wooden ones, so I removed them from mine. You can get hers HERE
- Princess Cordelia Bathtub (Base Game)
- Timeless Luxury Bathtub (Get Together)

Showertubs Available:
- Undersea Showertub (Base Game)
- Sheer Will Showertub (Vampires)
- DIY Showertub (Strangerville)
- Xtreme Showertub (Parenthood)

The tubs and showertubs can all be found in their usual spots, the heating systems are also with the bathtubs and in the sculptures section and cost ยง50



Water heating with front tank:
- High 400
- Medium 289
- Low 174

Water heating without front tank:
- High 362
- Medium 267
- Low 154

Additional Credits:
Made using Sims4Studio, Sims4PE, Notepad++ and Blender