Manhattan Studios

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Back at it again with yet another apartment lot. This time I was deeply inspired by the architecture of Manhattan, New York; particularly the cozy areas around East Village which has a unique vibe to it. Although the building as a whole isn't based on any specific structure, it originally started out as a small recreation of the original Joe Coffee location in West Village. From there on, it just kept growing and I added additional floors with typical New York styled studio apartments. The main target was to make the building look as authentic to East Village as possible, with a street atmosphere that felt genuine and alive.

Lot description
The building comes with 3 studio apartments that definitely takes compact living to the next level. Since the lot is just 1x1 in size, the smallest possible lot size in game, I've had to be quite creative when furnishing.

On ground level, there's also the infamous recreation of Joe Coffee that, unfortunately, won't have a functional barista operating the coffee bar since it's an apartment lot.

Additional information
If you want to rent the furnished apartments, simply use the cheat "boolprop testingcheatsEnabled true" and then SHIFT-click the door to unlock the option "rent furnished" which will appear alongside the "rent this apartment" option. You can also use Pescado's Apartment Hack (non MTS-link).

Hope you enjoy!

Courtesy of
The original Joe Coffee location in the West Village sits on a charming, iconic street corner with a front porch that is still the best of its now 9 cafés in New York and Philadelphia. It's what a neighborhood café should aspire to be, with the benefit of superb, house-roasted coffee beans. Unlike the other cafés on this list, they don't provide many food options, but the locally baked muffins, cookies, scones, and other treats are tasty. The café doesn't offer WiFi, but that's what makes it feel like part of a community: friends meet to gossip, regulars unfurl the paper, NYU students highlight textbooks, and hopefully, there's still a seat for you, too.

Lot Size: 1x1
Lot Price (furnished): $585 - $905

Custom Content Included:
- Lion Poster by scottiedoag
- Skarto Dining Chair by Moxxa (non MTS-link)