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50 Fortnite dances

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Uploaded: 15th Sep 2019 at 9:08 PM
Hi there

This mod will add 50 Fortnite dances for your sims to enjoy
they will raise your sims dancing skill and the fun meter, and once finished they will grant you a 2+ confident buff

I've done all the animation re-targeting inside Blender with the motion capture addon, I was pleasantly surprised how accurate the re-targeting was, some of the animations do look a little rough around the edges but I think they are good enough to share with the community

You can access all dances by clicking on your sim and clicking on "fortnite", the dances have the same names as in Fortnite

Since the mod contains 50 dances and modthesims has a strict limit on gif size. I made this video showcasing all the dances

  • You can install 2 versions, the autonomy version, or the no autonomy version, Please install only one version,
    copy the "Fortnite Dances mod No Autonomy.package" inside the mods folder if you don't want your sims to do the dances on their own
    copy the "Fortnite Dances mod with autonomy.package" inside the mods folder if you want your sims to do the dances on their own

  • copy the "Sigma1202_inject fortnite_interactions.ts4script" file and the "Fortnite animations.package" file inside your mods folder, those files are always required for both versions

A list of dances the mod adds:

This mod doesn't override any in-game resources so it shouldn't conflict with any other mod

Additional Credits:
Sims 4 studio
Epic games and the original dance creators
TS4 sound tool by Denton47