Deadly SpellCasters Mod [UPDATED!!]

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Uploaded 23rd Sep 2019 at 3:53 PM · Updated 15th Nov 2020 at 4:03 PM by andrian_m.l : Update

Required : Realm of Magic GP
Optional : Seasons EP

-Updated for November 10th patch!!

This mod adds 9 cool new, yet deadly spells (11 spells in total if you have Seasons EP) for your spellcaster sims

How to get all the deadly spells?

First, you'll need to buy an orb called "Deadly Orb" on build/buy under the table lights catalog.

The orb is inside the rainbow plumbob... The orb is extremely deadly, that's why the orb is caged inside the plumbob

Ok... Then, you will need a spellcaster sim to click on it and observe it
Even though other sim can't do anything special with it, they can still use it as a normal table lights. Pretty cool, huh?
So, after your spellcaster has done observing the orb, Clink!! They will have a trait called "Deadly Spellcaster" on their Simology panel.

And then, they will be able to perform deadly spells to other sims under the category
Magic -> Deadly Spells...

The list of the spells :

We already have the 'Inferniate' spell to set anything on fire...
But that spell won't burn other sims until they die if you cast that spell directly to other sims.
Burnio is a spell that will do it... It will burn other sims to death

2. Electrucio
This spell will make other sims die by Electrocution. 'Zipzap' spell could never do this, right?

3. Enragio
Using this spell on other sims will make them so angry that they will die eventually
They will die by Cardiac Explosion (Death by Enraged Emotion)

4. Mortifio
Using this spell on other sims will make them so embarrassed that they will die eventually
They will die by Mortification (death by mortified/over embarrassed emotion)

5. Hysterio
Using this spell on other sims will make them die by laughing hysterically

6. Explosio
This spell will explode its target and kill them right after that.
Basically, the target will die by spellcaster overload

7. Starvio
Spellcasters who use this spell can make their targets die by starvation

8. Ghostificio
Spellcasters can use this spell to turn their targets into ghosts directly without dying
Fun fact : This is the only spell you can use on the Grim Reaper, other spells won't work on him... I've tried

9. Frozio (You'll need Seasons EP to use this spell)
This spell will make its targets frozen and then they'll die

10. Lightnizapio (You'll need Seasons EP to use this spell)
This spell will struck its targets by a lightning bolt. They'll die right after that

11. Peedrownio
Spellcasters can use this spell to make their victims pee themselves, then drown their victims in their own pee puddles

How to stop being a deadly spellcaster and remove all deadly spells?
You can click on the Deadly Orb and click "return the spells back to the object".
After doing that, your spellcaster won't have deadly spells anymore

Have fun with your new deadly spells, spellcasters!!

Additional Informations :
Polygon Counts:
- High : 462
- Medium : 462
- Low : None

Additional Credits:
S4S (Sims 4 Studio)
The Sims 4 Mod Constructor V4
Google translator for other language translations


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