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Spellcaster Spell Class

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Uploaded: 6th Mar 2021 at 8:47 PM
Updated: 11th Nov 2021 at 1:15 AM
Heya all just to let you know there's a much better version of this mods idea out there, search google for ilkavelle magic school for teens and children

This mod will allow your sims to attend spellcaster class to learn new spells, it does require some setup in game.

Setup :

1 Go into build buy using the freebuild cheat in the magic realm magic HQ lot.
2 Find the "Tome for Spellcaster Class" in the buy/entertainment/miscellaneous section for $20 in the build buy catalogue and place at least 6-8 on a desk or table with chairs (like a computer).
3 Place a political podium from city living facing the desks.
3 Add the Spellcaster Class lot trait.
4 Save the lot.

Gameplay :

Every 3 hours a spellcaster class will begin, 30 sim minutes before the class starts your sim will receive a notification letting you know the class is about to start (only happens in the magic realm)
after that time (you will notice this because the lecturer will be talking at the podium) you can select the spellcaster class notes and choose to learn either a mishchief/untamed/practical spell. your sim will spend the next 30 sim minutes writing in the spellcaster notes, if they were to late to attend the class your sim will be notified. The class notes are only usable during class.

NPC interaction :

The npcs will attend spell class as well, they will write like your sim when the lecturer talks and then actually practice spellcasting after the lectures finished, the lecturer will mentor random students while this goes on.

Overwritten XML :

E882D22F-00000015-0000000000034FCD - autonomousSimPicker_MagicVenueNPC_Duel (this was overwritten to ensure the lecturer doesnt disappear to attend magic duels when they are supposed to be teaching)

Credits :

The team over at sims4studio