Xavier Florinda

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Uploaded: 24th Sep 2019 at 6:54 PM
Updated: 15th Mar 2020 at 5:23 PM
Contains recolours of Maxis content.

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This sim is saved with default skin, but with the other CC shown.

All of Xavier's outfits are basegame compatible. His outerwear is only available with Seasons.

Xavier the Frenchman is quite the loner. He tends to keep to himself and spends a lot of time in contemplation. Behind this, he's a nice guy who knows how to work magic with a camera.

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Age Group: Young Adult
Supernatural Type: Human

Traits: Brooding, Good, Loner, Photographer's Eye, Vegetarian
Lifetime Wish: World-Class Gallery

Favourite Food: Veggie Burger
Favourite Music: R+B
Favourite Colour: Spiceberry
Voice: 1

Zodiac Sign: Virgo