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Gamer Couple Pose

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Uploaded: 7th Nov 2019 at 4:42 PM

Hey everyone!

I made one cute pose for a couple or friends that like to play videogames together.

The props (Laptop and Game Controller) are meshes from EA and I edited them. They are included in the package. You wil need City Living for the Controller!

You need Andrew's Pose Player and Teleport any Sim for poses.

How to pose
  1. Turn bb.moveobjects on
  2. Place the props and the teleport statue on a sofa as shown below
  3. Teleport your Sims to the statues and make them pose

You might need to move the sofa to the left/right so the Sims head doesn't clip into the armrest!



Ingame name: Gamer Couple Pose - Laptop
Description: Gamer Couple Pose - Laptop by LaLuvi
Catalog Location: Electronics - Computer
Price: 0
293 Polygons

Game Controller

Ingame name: Gamer Couple Pose - Controller
Description: Gamer Couple Pose - Controller by LaLuvi
Catalog location: Deco - Clutter
Price: 0
144 Polygons

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