Overwatch Save File

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Uploaded: 14th Oct 2019 at 3:31 PM
Updated: 26th Jul 2020 at 9:09 PM
15.03.2020 / Version 1.05

New Update!

  • Made a lot of stuff more basegame friendly
  • Updated the looks of some Sims


This save file includes most heroes, side characters and maps from Overwatch. Every neighbourhood represents a different map.
All lots (except some builds by EA/Maxis) are made by myself.
I also created some townies to inhabit the worlds.

You don't need the packs listed, however, you will be missing hairstyles, clothing and objects or you won't have all worlds.

This is very much still an ongoing project for me, so stay tuned for future updates, and if you see anything not working, let me know! <3


This is not a mod so do not put the file in your mods folder.
  1. Make a backup of your saves folder somewhere (just to be safe)
  2. Extract the .save file
  3. Put the file in your saves folder
  4. If it says you already have a file of that name, just change the slot number. The file is called Slot_00000225.save, so you could change it for example to Slot_00000326.save

And you're done! Happy simming

Custom Content

Widowmakers haircolour is Custom Content by me, it isn't necessary since similar in-game colours exist, but you can find the SimFileShare link for Widowmaker here!


Since this is not a mod, but a save file, it should work with any patch.

  • I will try to continue updating the save file when new content (heroes, maps) come out
  • If you find any typos etc. in the file, please let my know, I will fix it for future versions

Additional Credits:

I'm using the default Knight skin by Madmono, you don't need to use it but you can download it here