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Child loves monster under bed

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Uploaded: 6th Mar 2020 at 4:12 PM
Updated: 7th Jun 2020 at 12:05 PM - Update Description

Are you tired of your child yells at their single bed due to a ridiculous monster appears under their bed? Then you need this mod to help your children to avoid the monster to be their nightmare. This mod changes the action when a monster under a child's bed. When the children being waken up by the scares of monster noise, they will get excited, then talk to the monster under their bed until the monster's gone. They'll never yell at the monster under their single bed and wake up any adults again.

1. 06/07/2020, The children will ask the monster to leave while they're waken up.


This mod changes two of game tuning file are listing below:
loot_Buff_Wakeup_MonsterUnderBed: Add the relationship to monsters to max, add the hidden trait called trait_Hidden_HasMonsterFriend to child, change the reaction of situation when relationship condition less than 10 to greater or equal to 10.
reactions_Wokeup_Monster_Nightmare: Change the action of bed_Monster_Talk to bed_Monster_Talk_AskMonsterToLeave.

Any mods that changed these two tuning file will conflict this mod. These two tuning file was extracted from game version