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Age Manipulator

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Uploaded: 17th Jan 2020 at 10:47 PM
Updated: 8th Feb 2020 at 7:02 AM - 02/07/2020 Updated. Added the manipulation of the age of pets.

First of all, I'm not good at English. So, make long terms short.
This mod is a spell enhancement for change a SIM's age to younger or older (E.g. elder to adult, adult to elder, adult to young adult, young adult to adult, young adult to teen, teen to young adult, teen to toddler, toddler to teen). It'd been tested with game version, and worked normally.
You can learn this spell from "Ask to Teach Spell", "Duel for Knowledge", "Practice Magic". It belongs to Practical Magic branch.
Before you change a SIMS age, I'm strongly recommend you to save your game first. You may make your game a mess if you abuse this mod.

Change logs:

02/07/2020 Posted Version 3.0:
Added the manipulation of age for the pets.

01/24/2020 Posted Version 2.1:
Completed French translation by imported Candyman.fr's translation file. Thanks for provides French translation, Candyman.fr.

01/20/2020 Posted Version 2.0:
1.Added a cascaded menu for Age Manipulation.
2.Added a Reset Age Progress spell. Used for reset current life progress of target sim.
3.Added a Healing Hand spell. Used for cure all negative buffs or sickness of target sim.
4.Added response of emotions for caster and target.
5.Added a feature that casting these spells will cause your energy drain.

Each function for the spells are listed below:
a. Healing Hand: Cure all disease and remove all negative emotions for target. Target: +200 Energy, +200 Hungry, +100 Energized. Caster: -100 Energy, -25 Hungry, +100 Focus.
b. Reset Life Progress: Reset all lived days of target for current age progress. Target: +100 Happy. Caster: -20 Energy, +100 Inspired.
c. Be Younger: Chang the age of target to younger. Target: +100 Energized. Caster: -50 Energy, +100 Happy.
d. Be Older: Change the age of target to older. Target: +100 Sadness. Caster: -25 Energy, +100 Playful. (Caution: Too much playful will cause caster dying from it. So, be careful.)

01/17/2020 Posted Version 1.0.


This mod requires the r3m's The Spellbook Injector and The Sims 4 Realm of Magic.