Sensible Birdwatching (updated 4 Jul '21)

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Uploaded: 20th Jul 2020 at 9:57 PM
Updated: 14th Nov 2021 at 10:39 AM
With this mod, Sims cannot birdwatch during hail or heavy/torrential precipitation. Additionally, Sims can autonomously birdwatch only when all of the following conditions are met:
  • they're on a hobby lot, a secret vacation lot, a non-business community lot, or on a lot they live on,
  • their nature enthusiasm is at least 4 points or their predistinated hobby is nature,
  • in case they're vampires, it's night.
This mod does not require Seasons to work properly.

If you use the binoculars part of BartekStu's Less Apparition, choose the lessApparition version and make sure it loads after BartekStu's mod. In other cases, choose the ordinary version. Use only one version at a time.

4 Jul 2021: Added a lessApparition version compatible with BartekStu's Less Apparition.
21 Jul 2020: The birdwatching interaction no longer appears when you click on a currently played Sim.
Do not use with:This mod can be used with but must load after:
  • Anti Fly Catching by Pescado – the insect-related features of Pescado's mod will be preserved but its birdwatching autonomy rules will be replaced with this mod's rules. In case you're also using a mod changing autonomy of catching butter- and fireflies, and hunting bugs (eg. Insects Sanity), keep in mind Anti Fly Catching becomes useless;
  • The binoculars part of Less Apparition by BartekStu – see the description above.
Overriden resources
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Interaction - BirdwatchBehaviour Function0x424841560x7FF9CCFE0x000010050x00000000
Interaction - Birdwatch - TESTBehaviour Function0x424841560x7F1F956A0x0000108F0x00000000
Interaction - Birdwatch Autonomous - TESTBehaviour Function0x424841560x7F01EC290x0000252D0x00000000
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