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Fewer New-Born Pets

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Uploaded: 5th Oct 2021 at 8:04 PM
Updated: 19th Feb 2022 at 5:50 PM
Originally, pets can give a birth of up to 4 puppies or kitten:
  • 15% chance of 1 offspring,
  • 35% chance of 2 offspring,
  • 35% chance of 3 offspring,
  • 15% chance of 4 offspring.
This mod reduces the number of new-born pets and comes in 2 versions:
  • 25-50-25-0: 25% chance of 1 offspring, 50% of 2, and 25% of 3; no chance of 4 offspring.
  • 50-50-0-0: 50% chance of 1 offspring and 50% of 2; no chance of 3 or 4 offspring.
Use only one version at a time.

Note that if a pet got pregnant before you have installed this mod, such a pregnancy wouldn't be affected.

Editing chances
You may make your own version by editing this mod in SimPe:
  1. Open the BHAV resource in the plugin view;
  2. Select the 0x6/0x7/0x8 node;
  3. Open the instruction wizard by clicking on a tool icon, and select the Decimal checkbox in case it's unchecked;
  4. Change the second value (Literal) to:
    • Node 0x6: a chance of 4 offspring,
    • Node 0x7: a sum of chances of 4 and 3 offspring,
    • Node 0x8: a sum of chances of 4, 3, and 2 offspring;
  5. Commit changes in the node with an Okay button, and return to the 2nd point if you haven't changed all 3 nodes;
  6. If you have updated all chances, commit changes in the BHAV with a Commit File button;
  7. Save the file with a floppy disk and a pen button, or by choosing File/Save As... in the top menu.

I am aware that BCONs (tables of constants) are way more edit-friendly. However, to avoid conflicts, I decided not to change the originally used BCON as it contains many unrelated constants.

Do not use this mod with Larger Litters by Midge the Tree or any other mods that change the number of new-born pets.

Overriden resource
Resource nameType nameTypeGroupInstanceInstance (high)
Pregnancy - Pet - Birth How Many?Behaviour Function0x424841560x7FD46CD00x000005710x00000000
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