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Basemental Eco Hacks

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Uploaded: 3rd Aug 2020 at 11:07 PM
Updated: 3rd Mar 2022 at 1:40 PM

Version 1.6
  • Added Tartosa Districts
Version 1.5
  • Added Henford on Bagley districts
Version 1.4
  • Added Mt. Komorebi districts
Version 1.3
  • Changed Globe icon
Version 1.2
  • Replaced the All Districts feature with an improved version where you select the districts per region
  • Added a cheat for people with the stacking sunrays/auroras to fix their bugged out saves
  • Fixed the Maxis bug causing the LE referring to Sunrays Situation not being removed with a workaround
  • Enabled access to Eco Hacks menu from apartment mailboxes
  • Added French translation by PetiteCeriseSims
Version 1.1
  • Access the menu by clicking on "Basemental Eco Hacks" on any mailbox in game.
  • Added Chinese translation by mumulinovo


This mod enables you to:
  • Turn all available districts Industrialized, Neutral or Green
  • Turn your current district Industrialized, Neutral or Green
  • Slow down, freeze or normalize the decay time of the Eco footprint
- Whu-wha? Decay time of footprint what now? I still don't get it...?!
You know that bar that progresses in a rapid fashion from Green to Neutral and over to Industrialized even though you have done your utmost to plaster solar panels on every house nearby. The speed of that is essentially the decay time of the Eco footprint.

If you freeze it it will be stuck in place, if you slow it down the change will still occur but at a slower rate, and if you set it back to normal.. well, everything will be as Maxis intended.


Click on any mailbox and select "Basemental Eco Hacks"

From there you will get a menu popping up where you can alter the various footprint settings.

All Districts
> First select the region, then select the district you want to change to Green, Neutral or Industrial. It is that simple
Current District
> Set the current district your active Sim is on to Industrialized, Green or Neutral
Lock Footprints
> Stop the footprint decay, ie. lock it in place
Slower Footprint Decay
> Slow down the footprint decay

If you slow it down or lock it, that particular item on the menu will be changed to "Normal Footprint Decay". Click on that to set it back to Normal speed.

Stacking Sunrays/Auroras
If you are one of the unfortunate ones that have the stacking sunrays/auroras bug, I sorted you out with a cheat to fix your bugged out lot.
When you are on your bugged out lot, access the cheat console by clicking CTRL + SHIFT + C
Then type in the following cheat: basemental.ecohacks_sunrays_fix


This is a script mod, so ensure that you do not install this further than one sub folder deep from your Mods folder and that you delete the zip file after extracting it's contents to your Mods folder. Script mods will not work if you do not adhere to this folder structure.

A correct installation looks like this:

Installation Location:
Documents / Electronic Arts / The Sims 4 / Mods / Basemental Eco Hacks /

Files in Basemental Eco Hacks folder:
Basemental Eco Hacks.package, basementalecohacks.ts4script

If you already have the Patreon version of my other big mod, you do NOT need this mod, as it is already baked into that other one.