Better Playdates (Sims 3 Playdates)

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Uploaded: 31st Aug 2020 at 4:50 PM
Updated: 17th Sep 2020 at 12:13 AM
Why this mod

We were chatting on Discord about cute features from TS4 Toddler Stuff Pack, that we wish existed in TS3. "Play dates" came to mind. Renlyna surprised us all when she said:

I did have a townie mother once call my active household's mother up and ask if her kids could come over for a play date and I clicked yes and within a few minutes the townie mother came to my sims home with all her kids. I didn't even know that was possible in The sims 3 and I have no idea how it was triggered. It was so random.

The above scenario never ever happened in my game. (It turns out it's a feature that came along one of the Generations EP patches.)

I was curious to see if something could be tweaked to trigger the play dates more. When I looked up the game's code, I found the tuning file related to play dates. I made changes and tested the new tuning files for 3 sim weeks. The testing was successful, so here goes - enjoy the mod.

What the mod changes:

DescriptionEA DefaultBetter Playdates Mod
Minimum relationship between the active parent and the townie parent155
Minimum relationship between the active child and the townie child155
Playdate daysSaturday & SundaySame - cannot be changed via tuning.
Playdate hoursNoon (12pm) to 5pm10am to 7pm
Percentage of chance for playdates25% (value: 0,25)100% (value: 1)

I tuned the minimum relationship down to "5" to account for the natural relationship decrease between two sims over time. So if your active parent and child start as aquaintances to townies at "20", then overtime, they will still get the playdate requests on week-ends, even if the relationship is way down to "5".

Play dates Insights

While testing the mod I could gather the following insights:
  • The play date feature seems to only affect child-aged sims. I looked up closely and no toddlers are mentioned in the play dates code. If the townie parent comes along with toddlers to your sims' play date, great! But it is not by design. It would likely require script modding to intentionally include toddlers in the play date scenario.
  • If after accepting the play date, the townie parent shows up alone sans his/her children, do not panic (like I did)! Townie children enrolled in a school with week-end hours will not show up. Indeed, the custom schools provided by the "Schools" module of Nraas Careers require kids to attend classes on Saturday and Sunday by default. You will need to enroll townie children in EA's default school or tune the days of custom schools, to get these townie children to show up at your play dates.
  • I had no problems getting townies to request play dates on Saturday, often in the morning. To trigger play date requests on Sundays however, I had to quit the game on Saturday evening or Sunday morning. When I'd restart the game after that, I'd systematically get a play date request on the Sunday afternoon. In the play dates code, there is a line called "clear statistics", and I can only assume that somehow, it takes reloading the game to clear data generated by the Saturday play date, so that a townie play date request can be renewed on Sunday.

Mod Gameplay

A big + special thank you to the awesome Aurora for reviewing this mod! (Laughed so hard when Aurora's active child dumps water on her play date friend ).

Mod Requirements

This mod was built and tested with game version 1.67.
You need Generations EP for this mod to work, and your game must be patched up to the most recent patch (1.67/1.69).

Mod Conflicts

This mod will conflict with other mods that modify the following ITUN file:



Please respect my work on this mod:

- Do not monetize (no paysites, no adfly, etc.)
- Do not claim as your own.
- Do not re-upload: rather, link to this page.


Special thanks to:

- @MissyHissy for her awesome Job Centre Discord Server (where this mod idea was born)
- @Renlyna, for proving that it was possible to have playdates in TS3
- @Tsahai, for confirming appropriate, parents-friendly play date hours
- @C-Dark for sharing with me her beautiful daycare family + lot featured in the images (I modified the family but kept the lot intact)

Additional Credits:
Inge Jones for S3PE