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Shorter University Degrees [MOVED]

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Uploaded 2nd Sep 2020 at 9:03 AM · Updated 23rd Jan 2022 at 2:23 PM by peridew : updated

This mod has moved!!
For future updates please refer to this page~

Another mod for my personal use that I thought other Simmers would find useful!

This began when I found that this mod by Mrzmary hasn't been updated for a while and no longer works, and I couldn't find an alternative. So, I found the tuning file required to change the credit requirements for University degrees and got to work on it myself.

The .zip file up for download contains 4 flavours; 4 credits, 6 credits, 8 credits and 10 credits. For comparison, the default in-game credit requirement is 12 credits. Depending on the flavour you use, you can easily cut your degree length by half or two-thirds. I personally use/recommend the 8 credit flavour, but I added the others so that you can better suit this mod to your gameplay needs.

Do not install multiple flavours, only use one at a time!

> Tuning file overridden:

Thank you to everyone who decides to use this in their game!

Type: Skilling

Tags: #university, #college, #degree