Beaming Apartaments

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Uploaded: 12th Oct 2020 at 2:17 PM
I'm finally ready to share this new project with you guys... A very complete condo to meet all your sims needs! There are 8 fully furnished apartaments, 3 floors and some common areas for your sims to enjoy themselfs. This condo took me a very long time to complete around 500hrs of recorded gameplay. I have a issue and i struggle to make my units mirroed with one another , so in this particular condo only the 2 last units on the top floor are mirroed with one another.

The rent are between 1740-3151. All the units share the fact they are 2 bedroom apartaments, half of them with one bathroom and the other half with two bathrooms. There are 2 duplex units as well. The ground floor units have no balconies (i know is the sims but in real life is not very safe to have ground floor balconies...) so because of that they will be the cheaper ones.

Since there are 6 unique floorplan apartaments + 2 mirroed it would be a ton of pictures, here i featured the views from the outside, the common areas (gym, game room, kids playroom, study/reading room and swimming pool), the floorplan shots and as the last one the inspiration screenshot i took from design home mobile game. It helped me to do the facade of the building, placement of windows and balconies, colours used... but all the rest i created by myself. Also the name for the final condo because it was a cute name!

Also you can see the building of this condo here

CUSTOM CONTENT NEEDED (And not included) !

Hi-Res Textured Paint Set by icad (i used a ton of these amazing colours!)
Delte Gamle Minner set 5 floor by Trapping
Mind the gap floor by Made by Lina/Trapping/Jedpie
IKEA MALM Desk by Klaartje

Also a disclaimer: I do have some default replacements for objects and some stuff will not look the same for everyone.

Hope your sims enjoy this condo!

Lot Size: 4x3
Lot Price (furnished): 423.927

Additional Credits:
Design Home mobile game.