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Instant Makeup Mod

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Uploaded: 10th Jan 2021 at 10:12 AM
Updated: 23rd Sep 2021 at 5:27 PM - French String Updated

Tired of using a big Vanity Table in your little house? Here is the solution!
With Instant Makeup Mod, you will be able to makeup your Sims instantly (Vintage Glamour pack is required).

Another version with the Instant Makeup menu directly on the Sims is downloadable on my site.

Objects are moveable in live mode.
You can also remove the makeup. If you use a custom makeup or skin it is possible that the makeup will not be applied, in the same way by remove the current makeup the Sim will find its old CC makeup. It depends on your custom content.

Original Object By EA/Maxis

Mod requirement

Caradriel_InstantMakeupMod(Main mod) Vintage Glamour required

Caradriel_Perfume&Makeup(Vintage Glamour)

Find items easily by typing: Caradriel in the search bar.
Can be found under Objects by function/Decoration/Clutter (Sorry, I don't know the original English name in game)

Available languages : EN / FR / IT / ES / CN

Italian (Thanks to xISYx)
Spanish (Thanks to JeyStiv)
Chinese (Thanks to GreenOnionc)

Other translations are welcome
Check translations index
Information about last update

Additional Credits:
Sims 4 Studio
Zerbu Mod Constructor