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Discover Pregnancy Mod

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Uploaded: 8th Feb 2021 at 3:25 PM
With this mod, you can be completely surprised when discovering pregnancy with your Sims!

The main Sims 4 game lets you have control over everything. Sometimes we like things to get out of control and we like to be surprised!

After your Sims try for a baby, you usually know if the pregnancy already happened, because of the pregnant Sim animations, autonomous throw-up interaction, or the throw-up option appearing when clicking on the toilet.

The Discover Pregnancy Mod changes a few things about that:
1. No autonomous throw-up for the Sims who are in a "Not Showing" phase of their pregnancy. Both for Male and Female Sims!

2. No idle pregnancy animations for "Not Showing" pregnant Sims! These animations used to show pregnant Sims as nauseous or holding their bellies and thinking about baby-related things - diapers, baby rattles, building blocks etc. Now it's only available after the pregnancy is evident!

3. *Optionally* Discover Pregnancy Mod adds a different animation for the Sims who had just tried for a baby, but they don't know if they are pregnant yet. All Sims who can get pregnant will be affected, even if they are not pregnant! You can remove this option by deleting the corresponding file.

4. *Optionally* Male Sims pregnancy buffs are slightly improved. They no longer show the usual pregnancy icon and Male Sims no longer think about diapers, baby rattles, and other baby-related things! Since they are not sure what is growing inside of them, it makes more sense to make them suspect other causes for their changing appearance first You can remove this option by deleting the corresponding file.

NOTE: If you want to experience a full surprise with a Sim pregnancy, then I recommend installing the "Throw Up" For Everysim Mod by Nies, you can download it here: https://modthesims.info/d/614403/qu...im-v-1-2-4.html

It makes the "Throw Up" option on the toilet appear for everyone, not just pregnant or nauseous Sims. I didn't want to add the same option to my mod as there is one mod like this existing already and working well.

For even more surprise I recommend installing mods that control pregnancy percentage, like MC Command Center Woohoo (with risky woohoo option) by Deaderpool, or Wonderful Whims by Turbodriver. Currently the optional file with after Try For A Baby animations does not work with MC Woohoo or Wonderful Whims, but I will try to improve that.

Additional Credits:
Sims 4 Studio
Mod Constructor by Zerbu