Alecto- Undead Sim

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Uploaded: 9th Mar 2021 at 8:20 PM
Updated: 15th Mar 2021 at 2:58 AM
Alecto is a monster in a woman's body. She is the end of the world. She is a ten-thousand year old corpse. And now she's playable in the Sims.

This character is from the book series 'The Locked Tomb', but you dont need to be a fan of it to play with this sim. Anyone is welcome to download and alter her.

Alecto is a Young Adult Sim with the Traits 'Hot Headed', 'Day Dreamer', and 'Erratic' . Her aspiration is 'Renaissance Sim'. She is skilled up and ready to plop in world, or you can wipe her and play with her. She is not an Occult.

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DLC and CC used: (no ad fly links) * things are important

DLC used:
*Outdoor Retreat (two pants)
*Get To Work (socks shoes gloves)
*Island Living (skirt top)
*Discover University (skirt top shirt)
Paranormal Stuff shoes (simmadys override)

CC used:

*new emotional traits By Kuttoe

*Kokytos hair v1- personal recolor THEN download the zip named [Jessiuss]kokytos hair recolor to get the color shown
*georgia hair by Birksche https://birkschessimsblog.wordpress...8/georgia-hair/
torch hair by Simandy

knee braces by sunflowerpetals
just social skirt by candy sims
vixen bodysuit by grimcokkies
busted pixels S3C- siper shiny sleepy timey
B2B fettuccine straps tank by taiga-sims
Twilight gown v2 by myshunosun
samantha dress by simplesimmer
Latata panties by Trillke
Chisai shoes (override) by Simmandy

iris nails by simtone
makeup pack by SMxIR
peterpan collar acc by waxenostalgic
cleavage overlay pack by Pralinesims
*chamomile skinblend by sojuteatime
salvia eyes nondefault (OR ANY GOLD EYES) by viiavi
*howl werewolf fangs by PYXIS
eyeshadow nudes By Peachyqueen
demon days vamp eyebags by PYXIX
nina necklace by arethabee

the hair is a one swatch recolor of "Kokytos hair v1" by oydis-cc. You need the original for the recolor to work in your game.(link up above. )