16 Pollination Technicians (Mod Template)

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Uploaded: 8th May 2021 at 11:52 PM
DO NOT put this mod directly into your game. It's a template; it needs to be edited as instructed.

This is a global mod that will allow you to have 16 different pollination technicians in your game. When your sim is abducted, one of them will be picked randomly to pollinate your sim.
Normally each neighborhood has a single PT (Pollination Technician) and with other mods it can be extended up to 8.
I made this by extending fwiffo's mod that you can find here.

How to Use
To be able to use this, you need to fill in your desired PTs' GUIDs.
These could be PTs that you have created yourself or others' PTs. If you want to use the game's original PT, his GUID is: 0x2E17B9FC
The process is explained by fwiffo here.
Also, simgaroop has made a picture tutorial of it here.
Of course, instead of the mod template file that is given in the tutorials, you will use this one. 

To make the lines that you need to enter the GUIDs distinguishable, I have filled them with numbers that correspond to the PT.
(0x11111111 for the 1st PT, 0xAAAAAAAA for the 10th PT, 0x16161616 for the 16th PT, etc.)

You can fill more than one slot with the same PT. This will increase the chance of that PT to be selected, and decrease your total number of PTs.

Removing the Mod
You can safely remove this mod or replace it with another Multi-PT mod.
What you should NOT REMOVE is the custom PT files in the case that they have had any children in your game.

This will conflict with other Multi-PT mods or any mod that overrides this resource:
NPC - Get Alien Dad - NIDBHAV0x7FD46CD00x000000000x00000379