Eyelash Mesh Terminator

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Uploaded: 9th Apr 2021 at 11:39 AM

Basically, removes EA eyelashes from all sims.

Replaces the LOD0 and LOD1 eyelash mesh files for all ages and genders with empty ones.
(Yes, really empty. They don't even contain a single vertex.)
(There are already no eyelashes in LOD2 and LOD3.)

This is for people who use custom eyelashes or just do not want to see any eyelashes on their sims.

Advantages Over Other Eyelash Removal Mods

Other removers override the face overlay textures. The eyelash mesh stays, but its texture becomes invisible. This mod completely terminates the mesh.
Here are some advantages of this:

1) There is currently a bug in 64-bit version of the game for Mac. Eyelashes appear solid black with no transparency. Texture overrides don't fix this. Until EA fixes it, this mod can be a solution for you.

2) Sometimes creators release face overlay replacements that doesn't remove the EA eyelashes. You might really want to use that replacement but also don't want to have EA eyelashes. Since they will conflict with texture removers, your only option will be to edit out the eyelashes yourself. You might feel too lazy to do that or don't know how to do it. Well, you can use this mod in such a case since it will not conflict with texture replacements

3) This one is for creators. With the eyelash mesh gone, you will have a bit of empty space for UV Mapping on the face overlay textures. This empty space can be used for modifications you make to the face, eyeball and teeth meshes.


This can only conflict with another mod that replaces the EA eyelash meshes. I don't think there are any, yet. But even if you have such a mod in your game, don't worry, it won't blow up your game The game will just recognize one of them.

Age and Gender Separation

If you want to remove eyelashes from only specific ages or genders, leave a comment. I can add a separated version. But you can do it too, it's really easy:
- Open the package file with S3PE .
- Select the files that correspond to the ages and gender that you don't want to remove the eyelashes from.
- Press "Delete" on your keyboard. Selected items will appear crossed out.
- Save the file by pressing "Ctrl + S" or from "File > Save" menu.
- Done

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Additional Credits:
This mod wouldn't be possible without the creators and contributors of S3PE and of course the helpful MTS modders and community.