Tiny House Renovation [CC-Free]

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Uploaded: 24th Sep 2021 at 4:41 PM
Welcome to the Maxis Renovation Project!

This time I've renovated Tiny House that came with Nightlife. It can be found in the Lots & Houses bin. With the exception of the Base Game houses, Nightlife's residential lots are probably my favourite. The only downside to the original lot is the fact that the space hasn't beeen utilised, and it's overall just pretty bare. I've decided to make it more 'urban,' as I find it strange that a house that came with Nightlife looks so cosy and cottage-esc.

This is a CC-free lot, created in a clean save with the Ultimate Collection. You must own all of the EP's and SP's for this lot to function properly, or you'll find that some items will be missing.

The lot costs $36,596 and has one bedroom and one bathroom.

Happy Simming!