Open/Closed Sign Default Replacement

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Uploaded 22nd Jan 2022 at 1:55 AM

Hi! I'm actually new to making content and I haven't shared any of my work yet. But when I made recolor for Open/Closed Sign, I thought some other people might like it.

Before that, I found only clones of this sign (but maybe I just didn’t find what I was looking for?). In any case, I don't like having clones of business sign in my game, as they work independently and clutter up the catalog, so I made a default replacement of the sign. I only changed the texture and nothing else.

I tried the replacement in my game, and didn't notice any bugs. The sign changes in exactly the same way as the original. If there are several signs on the lot, they all change as they should.

After you have downloaded the default replacement, you might wanna find this object in the catalog and Ctrl+rightclick on it. If you didn't know (cause I only found out about it recently), this will update the item's thumbnail. After that, the sign will be displayed in the catalog with my recolor, and not the original one. If you choose to remove the replacement, you can repeat these steps after in order to restore the original thumbnail.

I must say, I have a All-placement "Open/Closed" sign (Global mod) by Numenor in my game and replacement works with it without issue.

Please, let me know if you like it (and if you don't).

(I know that my English is far from perfect, it's actually one of the reasons I haven't shared any of my creations yet. But I'm trying )

MTS SimPE SIMale for Simlish v3 Comic Style font that I used
Morague for tutorial on Default Replacement Objects Recolors.