CAW Medieval Build Pack

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Major update!! I would recommend that you have supercaw (do a google search) installed for some of these items to show in the metadata list, supercaw unlocks all the debug items into the metadata list which I think some of these are cloned off. (the main cloned object is the mill from supernatural)
Also these are designed to show up in CAW only, they wont show in edit town function in game. Once placed in your world in caw and exported they will show in your playable world as long as the content is in your mods folder.

Thanks for taking the time to look, if you are a keen medieval sims player and want to build your own world then this is the custom content for you!

Supplied in this download are building objects for Sims 3 Create a World, these objects have been converted from the sims medieval and are fully useable in world creation. Some objects have been made myself from other bits and bobs in the mesh files.

These objects don't have interactions they are scenic with no footprints so your sims can walk through them unless you paint the routing on the terrain. I have also worked on the buildings side to enable them to show light through the windows at night time as per the pictures to give that lived in feel.

You can find these items in you caw metadata list, type TSM (the sims medieval) and they should show up. Any problems let me know and i will look into it.

In the misc file you can find some recolors of existing sims 3 objects, seawall and flag if you should wish, these have been added to match upcoming build and buy objects sets i will post soon.

Any medieval requests let me know and i will see what i can do

Install these files in your mod folders both in create a world and in your main sims 3 directory (my documents) if you need to setup a mod folder in your create a world folder instructions can be found on how to do this via a google search

Here is the technical bit:

WALLS - a selection of medieval town walls and walkways, ivy and wall towers
wall - 970 vertices
sloping wall - 1078 vertices
sloping wall walkways - 2328 vertices
ivy - 721 vertices

TOWERS - various towers and buildings for use along walls or wherever you fancy! the hexagonal building is designed to go on a 64x64 lot you then build inside it (may be reducing size in the future)
bastion - 3459 vertices
guest quarters - 6830 vertices
hex tower - 2865 vertices
tall tower - 6740 vertices
double hex tower - 4319 vertices
royal quarters - 40484 vertices - limit to one per world (may reduce size in future or remove)

BOULDERS - selection of boulders from large to small, to get the matching terrain paint extract the texture from any file via S3PE smallest - 58 vertices - largest - 548 vertices

MISC - lighthouse, windmill (working blades to follow) street pennant and flag, seawall recolour to match wall texture
lighthouse - 12465 vertices
windmill base - 5181 vertices
seawall - 303 vertices
pennant - 1334
pavement - 24 vertices
flag - texture only replacement

GATES - a selection of gates and towers for walls, includes a working clock (add to tower separately)
small gate - 3099 vertices
clock tower Tall - 5451 vertices
clock tower - 5145 vertices
royal gate - 12176 vertices
tower clock - 856 vertices

DECO HOUSES - Medieval style buildings to fill in your towns (use smoke effect on chimney stacks for extra lived in feel!)
house 1 - 3082 vertices
house 2 - 4353 vertices
house 3 - 3432 vertices
house 4 - 3748 vertices
house 5 - 3227 vertices
house 6 - 8321 vertices
house 7 - 12468 vertices - use more sparingly


The Meshes and textures used in these items are converted from the sims medieval, i take no credit for making them myself, these have only been converted and retextured by myself to be able to be used in the sims 3. You may freely edit and use these items in your builds just give me credit for the conversions where due. many thanks