Medieval Style UI Interface for Sims 3

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Uploaded: 10th Jun 2021 at 6:21 PM
Updated: 15th Jun 2021 at 5:40 PM
Thanks for taking a look at this mod.

My gameplay has always been for medieval custom content and now after many many hours of work i now have a matching UI to go with my gameplay which i thought i would share with you!

The Medieval UI Mod is around 95% complete there are still one or 2 blue icons or lines floating around which im working on converting over and although i have converted every menu i obviously haven't managed to test every single one as some only appear under certain circumstances in the game.

I you do download my mod please help me by leaving any notes of old UI remnants you come across in the comments section and i will correct in the following version till hopefully its completely done!

This is as best as i could do a UI conversion from the sims medieval with a lot of menu creation by myself (they didn't make all the like for like menus). All images contained are from the sims medieval gameplay itself and there are none sourced from other sources.

I have no problem anybody modifying this or posting in other locations just give me the credit for the mod please as its taken so long to put together.

This mod will conflict with any other mod that alters the UI interface. The mod was made with Into the Future installed as the final expansion pack and as such the opening page is only modded for this pack, if you don't have this installed it will just show as normal until the game loading menu (i believe!) Also the Tutorial or Lesson pages have not been modded as most gamers don't use it, i may get round to converting these later on.

Happy Simming!



Corrected missing relationship tab
CAS - body shapes re coloured, Lines recoloured
Edit Town button recoloured
Relationship panel icons re coloured from blue
undo-redo in buy category re coloured from blue
Options panel recolours

Areas i am aware but not updated yet - loading icon in startup and loading screens, text colour in career panel for day of the week, background colour in cas nose screen and jukebox colour in music section of options panel - will try and get these sorted in the next update.

Thanks to Chokolady for pointing all these bits out