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Modularly Moody Light Kit

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Uploaded: 2nd Feb 2022 at 10:12 PM

I ​always wanted to be able to choose each bulb colour of the string lights that were already in game, and found myself motivated to quickly patch together something I could use in my own gameplay. Well, ADHD happened and I hyper focused myself into a frequently abandoned overdone pack. But! I am pretty sure that I have ironed out all the kinks, and finally I can enjoy and share the fruits of my effort.

It would take another year to release this mod if I took the time to include a picture of, let alone count, all the shapes and swatches I've shoved into this kit. No, really. There is 27 bulbs, 6 different string lengths, 2 styles of strings, and over 400 textures across all 34 objects. There is a lot in here.

This kit has two main components, the string and the bulb. They act sort of like a shelf and clutter so you can slot any bulb in the swatch of your choice into each socket independently. You can also individually change each bulb's light. To allow for full control of the height, the strings are at ground light, and bb.moveobjects is required to lift them from their default height. They are all fully compatible with use of the T.O.O.L mod to change the angle of everything and experiment. You can also slot many small objects and lights into the sockets if you really want, live your life. You'll find the objects under lighting misc, and woah is there a lot of them.

I wish I could say that the thumbnails in buy mode look great, but I had to chose between them being upside down, or cut in half. Since I didn't want to manually make 400+ thumbnails, I chose cut in half because it was the easiest option for creating new bulbs moving forward. I promise, they aren't cut in half when placed.

The meshes are a grouping of my own, EA's, or some level of in between. I invite anyone to use or alter or recolor these assets, as well as include the meshes in their own CC work, though credit is always appreciated. Make sure to only download either the SEPERATED or MERGED version.

Summarized Info
  • No pack requirements
  • All Maxis Match
  • Found in Buy Mode, Lighting, Misc
  • Use of bb.moveobjects is recommended
  • Only download the SEPERATED or MERGED