String Lights Without Poles

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Uploaded 13th Jul 2019 at 12:09 AM · Updated 23rd Jan 2021 at 7:56 PM by Teknikah : Updated description

Many times I've been decorating a home and want to put a string of lights somewhere.. But it's a nightmare with these having the pole attached to them, you're limited with what you can do with them. So, I've decided to do something about it, and I've removed that annoying pole!

This file includes 5 items:

High-Wire Lightrope - from Toddler Stuff
Lanterns and Posts - from City Living
The Lit Gateway - from City Living
Lights and Posts - from City Living
Llama Co. Outdoor Lanterns - from Seasons

*All the files are separate in the .zip. So if you only own City Living, for example, you can download the .zip then just delete the Toddler Stuff and Seasons files within.
Download the individual files separated by pack

You MUST place all of the City Living lights with bb.moveobjects on as I had to move a section of the mesh far into the ground.
This is because deleting it caused errors, and leaving it caused floating shadows in game.
[Just a note: I uploaded this over a year ago now (wow...) as I've improved and gained more experience I realise I didn't have to solve this issue this way, but I did. I could have just shrunk and hidden the shadow within the light - but this way is still fine with the cheat]

I kept all the names the same so you can search for them easier in Buy Mode. You can also search for "without" and it should bring them all up, as shown below.
The catagory is also the same: Decorations > Sculptures, with everything being the same price also (High-Wire Lightrope = §145. Lanterns and Posts = §335. The Lit Gateway = §335. Lights and Posts = §335. Llama Co. Outdoor Lanterns = §100)

I didn't change any of the swatches or textures for any of the lights except for the High-Wire Lightrope, where I changed and added more colours. The rest had more than plenty already.

I also lowered each light so you can place it as high or low as you like, as demonstrated below

Polygon Counts:
Lanterns and Posts: High LOD = 925. Medium LOD = 597. Low LOD = There is no low LOD for this item.
Lights and Posts: High LOD = 1333. Medium LOD = 893. Low LOD = 541
Llama Co. Outdoor Lanterns: High LOD = 1404. Medium LOD = 924. Low LOD = 614
The Lit Gateway: High LOD = 1639. Medium LOD = 993. Low LOD = There is no low LOD for this item.
High-Wire Lightrope: High LOD = 758. Medium LOD = 518. Low LOD = 354

Style: Not Applicable
Room: Outdoor
Maxis Flags: Not Applicable

Tags: #Lights, #Lighting, #City Living, #Seasons, #Toddler Stuff