Bark dress (UPDATE)

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Uploaded 4th Mar 2022 at 3:33 PM · Updated 9th Mar 2022 at 1:45 PM by kate24

A new dress for adorable plantsims and fairies! It consists of a bark corset and a fern skirt. it's a combination of stiffness and openwork in one outfit (I feel like a plantsim couturier )
Update: There was a problem with the skirt morphs, fixed

This is a bottomless outfit and there are grass panties to cover up nudity.
It's enabled for female adults and young adults.
Can be found in Everyday, Formal, Athletic, Career, Outerwear.
It's not enabled for random.
It's fully recolorable and has a custom thumbnail.

group 0 - 2768 v 4162 f
group 1 - 776 v 854 f
group 0 - 1481 v 2018 f
group 1 - 318v 485 f
group 0 - 990 v 1358 f
group 1 - 138 v 205 f

I used a piece of BEO's mesh in my creation.
CC in Pictures:
skin - InnocentBones by PYXIS
skin 2 - Plantsim Skintone by Sim-it-up
hairstyle - Gabie by Ade_Darma
eyes - MS93FlightlessEyes by BrntWaffles