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Fluffy Skirt

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Uploaded: 2nd Aug 2014 at 7:52 PM
Trufax: IRL, I wear skirts exclusively, and I'm always a bit disappointed at the selection of skirts available in TS3. Fine if you want miniskirts, but something nice and full? Nope! So I made this skirt. Thick, full, and flared, this knee-length skirt is simple, classic, and elegant. Two recolourable sections: Waistband and skirt. Formal and everyday, for young adult and adult.

Known issues: I have no idea why, but there is a very tiny seam where the waist comes together with the top. I tried for quite a while to fix it, and even though the vertex locations, normals, and bone assignments are perfectly matched, there's still a very faint seam (see pic). Also, because of the shape of this skirt, it works best with tucked-in tops - many tops that extend over the hips will have significant clipping. Hands and whatnot will tend to clip through the skirt when animating, also, since it flares quite a lot more than normal clothing. There's also a tiny spot of slightly off normals on the fat/thin morphs (not all that noticeable in-game, really). All small things, but just so you're not surprised.

Huge thanks to CmarNYC for the mesh toolkit, to Levini for help and advice, and to TSR for TSRW,

Polygon Counts:
872 for the highest LOD (low).