Little Tigers

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Uploaded: 29th Jun 2022 at 2:07 PM
3 Little Tigers

I created these guys quite a while ago and they are so cute I wanted to share. And yes, my avatar is the Tiggs that you see here. What you get is not one, but THREE tiger kittens! I made them based on TyBoos of Tiggs, Tundra, and Tabor. I put them all in one household, but you can always pick just one or two if you chose. When they age up, though, they're not as fluffy as they need to be to keep the tiger appearance, so you might have to do some adjustments when they age up.

They will add so much cuteness to your Sims' lives! As you can see, even Kuja loves the little guys!

Tiggs and Tundra are both males with the traits of playful, friendly and prowler.
Tabor is female with the personality traits of Mischievous, Spoiled and a Free Spirit.

The following CC was used:

Sims 4 Nexus

If you're interested in the Kuja sim seen in the screenshots, you can find him here:
Lunar Eclipse