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Uploaded: 24th Jul 2022 at 3:26 AM
I hate the pants of THIS outfit. As if why - a nice jacket but with 'hang-pants'. This outfit has been one of my maladies for a long time. Some might love it but I-just-can't. So if you are like me and wish for a better pants to go with that nice jacket, here is a default I made.

I used this pants by Maxis. It's not perfect as there's a bit of line shade where the top and bottom outfit connected on the front below the zipper. But it's not really obnoxious unless you focus on it. All the jeans are dark blue. I am bad at recolouring but I did recolour one of the shoes :lovestruc lol.

You need OPEN FOR BUSINESS for the default to show up. The custom are standalone. Both default and custom are for adult and young adult female.

Old - 2266
New - 2172

Old - 1763
New - 1710