Fix for old pine trees

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Uploaded: 25th Aug 2022 at 9:45 PM
This fixes 2 borked "old pine" trees (hood deco). I bet many never even noticed they were borked, but a lot of us are using the "boolProp dontMergeNHFlora false" cheat in their userstartup.cheat file.

As soon as you do that, hoping it'll fix your nicely decorated hood in lot view, there's the next problem. Two of the old pine trees lose their trunk, depending on what you're doing. While decorating, they have trunks, and once you click the family or houses button, or enter a lot, there's just floating leaves.

You could just not use them... but if you use a hood that already has them, or you wanna use the tree tool in SC4 while making your own, you will have to manually pick them out. That is annoying as hell, so... have my fix!