Batman Ears - MAJOR UPDATE 5-28-06

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Uploaded 30th Oct 2005 at 6:07 AM · Updated 3rd Oct 2008 at 10:37 PM by generalzoi : MAJOR UPDATE

UPDATE: Apparently the ears replaced the thick-rimmed glasses, and it took me this long to realize it. They should work without replacing anything now. The color file will replace the old one, but you'll have to delete the old mesh files, since this is from before I learned how to put them all together. Please redownload.

I decided to celebrate the successful upload of my first skin with my first mesh. It's Batman's ears. Or cowl. Or whatever. The pointy things. They come in all ages except toddler (if ya'll really want a baby Bats, let me know, I'll figure it out). Included: The ears as an accessory, and bald hair for your children and toddlers. That might should go in the hair section, but it is a part of his mask, and I didn't want to seperate the pieces of it. Not included: The face paint/mask. I spent like 10 seconds making that thing for the screenshots. I'm sure someone else can do a better job.

All content is either by Maxis or me.

I have University and I'm a new uploader, so I'm not sure how that works yet, but you shouldn't need the expansion pack for this mesh.

On a rhetorical note, why did these screenshots come out so much clearer than my Spider-Man screenshots? I spent forever trying to make those things look decent. The Sims 2 hates my Spidey.

Recolor at will, but no paysite, if that's even applicable.