COMPLETE PONYTAIL MESH for all age groups with optional bangs

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Uploaded: 3rd Nov 2005 at 8:19 PM
Updated: 10th Nov 2005 at 8:22 PM - add readme
Hi MTS2 people!

as the title said, it is a high ponytail with bangs. BUT it's a very hybrid upload. So I need to give you some explanations.

-First, the MESHES:
-for children and toddlers, the hair meshes include the bangs, because they have been made with Wes_h plugin.
-for teens, young adults,adults and elders, the meshes are in TWO PARTS because I didn't want to lose original Maxis animations: one is the HAIR mesh and the other is the BANGS mesh.the hair mesh doesn't include the bangs for those age groups. you will have to add it to the hair: the bangs will show up in the GLASSES bin, as an accessory. Of course, the bangs are availables for teens, young adults, adults and elders too.

-the HAIR recolors will show up in the correct color bin: red in red, blond in blond etc. BE CAREFULL: do not delete the brown one, because it's the recolor which contain the elder's color.
-the BANGS recolors: the four basics colors matching with the hair are available for teens,young adults and adults. There's only one color for elder, the grey.

- if you don't like the bangs for children and toddlers, you can take it off by correcting the alpha in bodyshop.
-the bang mesh will stay on at all times , with every clothing type including naked, swimming, sleeping, and work clothes (BIG thanks to Dr Pixel).

Recolor as you like but give me credits for the meshes. The meshes have to stay here, you're not allowed to redistribute them without my permission. That means it's forbidden to upload them on TSR or to The Exchange too. Of course it has to stay FREE

Hope you will like that work and that I didn't miss anything in my explanations.