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Uploaded 29th Nov 2005 at 5:22 PM

This is a 10 FLOORS tower whit elevators!
Everybody makes beautiful big luxury houses,so I wanted to create something diffrent,so I made this tower when I was playing whit elevators.
The house also have an UNDERGROUND garage were you can store 1 car.
The car teleports between the garage and the road but it look's cool anyway!
This is a big house whit a spa,disco,BIG kitchen,BIG TV room,2beds,4 bath
and much more!

-Nightlife and University needed
-No custom content(just the elevator)
You will need the elevator made by shaklin.Download here
The furnished version comes whit some furniture,I left the top floor empty(cause I don't know how big your family will be)
The unfurnished version is just the empty house(whit walls,floors and rooms)