Taki from Soul edge-Soul Calibur series

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Uploaded: 5th Jan 2006 at 10:49 PM
She is Taki, my favorite kunoichi beside Mai & Kasumi ^_^'

In one of those pictures I made a mask covering her mouth, looks great as long as she doen't open her mouth >_<, would anybody make mesh for this kind of mod please.

About her costume, I use the sketch of her conceptual costume for soul calibur (before it's simplified in the game ~_~) but since that sketch is black and white pencil sketch, so I use my own color scheme based on my asumption. the mouth cover is my own design, slightly resembles the soul edge version.

in my game I use duddly's breast augmentation. which give her bigger breast, but it's not a must to download that meshes because it will affect all your sims in the neighborhood.
if you don't have that mesh installed this character would still be playable with normal maxis body proportion. so it's up to you.

no EP needed, no custom meshes needed, all custom content are mine.

She is using one of my new genetics set, you can use the skin etc. to make your characters if you like my skinset, just give me credit, and only on freesites.

this is my belated Christmas and new year gift '~_^ heheh