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F-IN01 TS3 female default skin replacement MTS v2

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Uploaded 15th Feb 2011 at 9:31 PM · Updated 9th Mar 2011 at 9:08 AM by Navetsea : mts version lower barbie skin replaced, modular naming, separating face and body to individual packages


this is my first try on skin replacement for TS3, as it will replace female default skin.

it has more realistic texture, and better details, less preshaded underboobs cleavage so it would look better in all breast sizes without fake shadows, more defined back, butt, and torso, better knees and elbows, paler lips, and cuter face, has skin imperfection to look less plastic

here are the files included/ will be replaced by the skinset:

inside the extracted folder you'll find 2 files:
- navetsea F-IN01 TS3 female default - body MTS v2.package
- navetsea F-IN01 TS3 female default - face v2.package

about the naming system I use:
F-IN01 = my naming brought from earlier work in TS2 skins
body MTS = barbie crotch
body pubes = with pubic hair & detailed
body shaved = shaved & detailed
face = facial skin set
v1 = older uniform hue on the skin ( more or less same hue all over the body)
v2 = newer more lively hue on the skin (delicate parts get a warmer hue than the not so delicate parts)

later when I use the same hue to make alternate faces or body, I will use
v2a , v2b, v2c, and so on meaning the part would be compatible (hue/ skin color wise) with other v2 series to mix and match

when I would make different hue (more gray, more brown, whatever) I will use v3, v4, and so on, so "v" stands for "variant"
and not "version", so it doesn't mean v1 is obsolete when there is v2.

comparison between V1 & v2 skin (NSFW, for nudity)

Finally when I do make considerably better skin in my opinion, I will make a new set named
F-IN02, F-IN03, F-IN04, and so on (until sometime I make it sounds more like a sport car naming than a skinset for simmies)

the adult/ waist down detailed version
with & without pubic hair in v1 and v2, can be found at ISA

and would be also at SexySims2 (once it passed moderation queue)


Additional Credits:
thank you to:
-Aikea Guinea for the very helpful tutorial since I was just installed the game few days ago, and totally uninformed after my few years absent

-Peter & Inge Jones for S3PE

Skin Type: Human Realistic
Skin Flags: Nipples Default

Tags: #default, #skin, #replacement, #female