Deluxe Corner Bath - Working - 17-1-05 UPDATE

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Uploaded: 15th Jan 2006 at 12:16 AM
Updated: 17th Jan 2006 at 1:07 AM - Fixed green bath water edge.
Deluxe Corner Bath - Working

IV RE-UPLOADE the Deluxe Corner bath the green water has been FIXED iv done some re-animation editing to the water to give it a more real look, and this was needed to get it to work, Also added a Green colour bath to the selection of colours.

Overwrite old files.
Add don't forget to download the two new corner baths.

Gaday Sim Nuts,
This is a space saver; the corner bath will give your Sims bathroom that spacious look.

Thanks to FatD and his corner tub its possible to do a bath that can be placed in the corner without cheats, and he's gracious enough to allow other to clone his master piece so we can expand on this range. THANKS FATD...

Comes in wide range of colours, Red, Yellow, Blue.
Easy to re-colour and you have my permission to re-colour.

EP Ready - :howdy:

Colour Enable - Yes :howdy:

Poly Count:
- 1,993

NOTES: Water has green edge, I’m working on this but it a bugger.

I love to be thanked and love to hear what you think so please post.

Use's My Owen unique GUID, if you have a conflict tell me.

Please Don't Steal my work..
You May Recolour this.
The Base object Made by FatD may be coloned.

If you don’t have a rar extractor, for a free unzip tool (ALzip) go to.

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