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teen female long hair

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Uploaded: 17th Jan 2006 at 6:37 AM
This was a request, i dont know why i hadnt done this sooner considering how popular the adult version was! sorry guys!
teen only, only sims2 needed, works with all expansions, please recolour as i cant be bothered- i dont even have any teens in my game atm which is why i had to take the pics in CAS!
rules:- recolour to your hearts content but leave the mesh here, dont alter my mesh in any way but feel free to tinker with the alpha as much as you want, upload recolours or this hair texture to websites/exchange with credit, no paysites, no donations, thanks go to Wes for the milkshape plugin and to all of you and your wonderful support!

and as usual let me know if there's any problems