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Christmas Clothing Hider

769 Downloads 198 Thanks  Thanks 7 Favourited 24,362 Views
Uploaded: 31st Jan 2006 at 3:20 AM
Updated: 4th May 2006 at 12:52 AM
**Updated May 3, 2006 **

Thank you, Jordi, for adding in father Time & the New Year's baby outfit. I had missed them originally.

This mod hides the Christmas outfits & hats. To see them again next Chrsitmas, simply move this out of your downloads folder. This should hide all of the Santa hats, all of the Elf hats, the Santa outfit & the Mrs. Santa outfit.

I am fairly certain i got them all, but if you still see any in the catalogs - let me know

The added benefit to this is that your townies will no longer be able to draw from these outfits - so - no townies running around with Santa hats! Please note - it won't affect sims that already have these outfits - it just hides them from being in the catalog & from allowing the townies to select from them. If the townie already has the hat then you'd need to teletprt the townie, use the mind control mirror & then change appearance. This will prevent new townies from getting the Santa hat or outfit to start with.