==Testers Wanted== UPDATED (05/12/06) Interaction Move In to all sim ages v2 [OFB Only]

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Uploaded: 8th Mar 2006 at 10:00 PM
Updated: 18th May 2006 at 5:45 PM - v2 updated + unidorms feature added

If you are looking for Uni or Original Version, go to this thread:


Nightlife version is here:



jase439's InTeenimator OFB version (If updated to OFB)
JM Pescado's No Townie/NPC Move-In Amnesia (if updated to OFB EP)
Squinge's Townie No memory loss for OFB (located at this site)

quick note:
this isn't a complete list of hacks that can conflict with this mod.
i can't know all the hacks that are out there. So, if you notice
something strange, try remove all hacks and test this one alone.
if everything is fine, with other hacks removed, you have a conflict.
just post here what hacks do you use and i will take a look if i know
who made it.
if the problem persist, without any other hacks installed, please, report it here.

ALWAYS MAKE A backup to test mods and hacks!!!

Here's located the OFB version of Moveinall mod.

The features are:

- You can "propose/move in" to children and teens;
- You can use children and teens to propose adults, elders, childrens and teens;
- You can select in a dialog if you like to let the game generate memories based in CAS or keep the memories that was adquired by the Sim with the time played. (the dialog appears only for townies)

You can choose 2 version of this mod:

* moveinall_v2_EP3 - Original relationship required to propose. The changes are
only enabling teens and children to use the proposition.

* moveinall_nofriends_v2_EP3 - You can propose to Sims that are not friends and
the proposition never will be rejected. If the Sim has a relationship -10/-10 to 100/100 the "move in" menu will show up.

When you propose to teens or children, if you erase the memories using
the dialog, the game will delete all memories. So, i create this dialog to
avoid this problem.
Maxis made that only Young Adults that are Townies can be proposed. Make
sure that the Young Adult is a townie on the College neighborhood to the proposition appear.

Dialog option:

No CAS history option selected: (see memory section)

I hope that no problems appear with OFB versions.
if problems show up, please, let me know.

have fun!

UPDATE (03/21/06)

new improved version is out.

- removed the Semi-Global Sim Pie Menu
- fixed a problem with calculations of Simoleons when moved in.
(this weird problem was *probably*caused by something with the old version of PJSE BHAV editor.. I don't know what caused that, but recreating with a new version everything looks normal now)

Should now be compatible with others hacks that use the PersonGlobals pie menu without problems.
Anyway, others hacks that use the same BHAVs that i changed will still be incompatibles (any other hack that changed "move in" BHAVs).

UPDATE (05/12/06)

small fixes:
- fixed the pie menu not showing to teens and children when another sim has
a higher priority interaction running
- the calculations of simoleons added to the house when a sim is moving in
were corrected, but maxis was making the code to generate the value wrong in the dialog.
Now the exact amount of simoleons is been informed in the dialog.

New Version Added:

Syberspunk gave the idea and helped me out with a new feature for this mod.
Now, if you play in University dorms, you can propose dormies to your household.
thanks a lot, syberspunk!

Since this feature will only benefit who has OFB + UNI installed, i'm including as a new option for download. OFB is required

make sure to use only one version and to remove the old version that you installed. Unfortunately now, the little Fix for drinking the "Vamprocillin D" with direct click on the sim is removed. We hope that maxis fix this problem someday or we can only drink it removing from inventory first. :/

syberspunk released a fix for the Vamprocillin problem. You can download this fix here: